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This is what Terry K. Jones told us about his experience with Cobra Chems:

Cobra Chems SARMs Review 2021

I had never heard of Cobra Chems until Proven Peptides shut down so I decided to share some Cobra Chems SARMs reviews in order to help others that are looking for good SARMs.

The vial had arrived in the mail, wrapped in a cardboard box. It had an uninviting label: “Unsuitable for human consumption”, it said in English. Terry Jones, 30, 1.74 meters and 44 cm biceps, said he did not care about the warning. It was just after 7 am when he pressed the dropper and sucked 10 millimeters of the clear liquid. That was the ideal measure, as he had read on an internet forum, to get the best effects from LGD-4033 – or Ligandrol -, a new type of anabolic that Terry Jones had discovered. The drops were poured over the tongue. They had no taste. Terry had breakfast and went to work.

Are Cobra Chems Legit?

Straight cut hair, broad shoulders and a tribal tattoo that runs down his right side, Terry Jones proudly displays the body expected of a gym rat. It is, moreover, how it is defined. He trains religiously from Monday to Saturday, always at the same time. The desire to have his body cracked came about three years ago, when Terry decided that he should stop smoking and eliminate the beer belly. “I saw my body dry up,” he said excitedly. “My health has improved, and so has my self-esteem.”

But at the end of 2017, the transformation achieved in the academy seemed to stagnate. Terry no longer lost weight as easily, nor did his muscles grow at the same pace. That was when he discovered Ligandrol in a discussion forum. The compound promised muscle gain without side effects and – important data – dispensed with the use of needles. A few tasteless droplets taken before training were enough.

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By checking their website you can often take advantage of genorous savins from a Cobra Chems SARMs Review coupon. Terry used Ligandrol for 49 days, twice a day: in the morning, just before breakfast, and at night, before training. The results came gradually: the muscle volume increased, the body fat decreased. More importantly, the aesthetic has improved. “I could see people at the gym looking at me differently,” he said, satisfied. “I didn’t want to use a traditional anabolic steroid. And Rad-140 Ligandrol seemed like a good starting point. ”

The LGD-4033 is more of a “bomb”, like others used by gymgoers. Developed from the mid-1990s, they received the complicated title of “selective androgen receptor modulators”. Or, to facilitate, SARMs, of the acronym in English. Ligandrol is one of more than a dozen SARMs, a response by the pharmaceutical industry to the discomfort caused by traditional anabolic steroids. Most anabolics try to mimic the workings of testosterone, the male sex hormone. Once injected into the muscles, they connect to structures inside the cells and start a sequence of reactions that culminate in the production of protein. They are used to treat patients who lose bone and muscle mass.

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But prolonged use of anabolic steroids – even with medical supervision – can cause prostate cancer or liver problems. In women, it causes the appearance of male characteristics, such as hair on the face or thickening of the voice. A package of changes that science calls “androgenic effects”. SARMs have the advantage that they connect only to skeletal muscle receptors. “In theory, this should allow them to stimulate protein synthesis without causing the same side effects,” said Professor Alexandre Hohl, vice president of the American Society of Endocrinology. The first member of this new group was discovered almost by accident, by a team of scientists from the University of Tennessee, in the United States. In season, Professor James Dalton was studying a substance that promoted muscle growth in mice: “It was when we realized that our compound was not accompanied by androgenic effects,” Dalton told EPOCA. “For us, it was a pleasant surprise.”

What are SARMs?

The novelty started a race for the development of new substances with similar characteristics. Pharmaceutical giants like Johnson & Johnson and Merck have created their own SARMs. The research looked very promising: “But the first generation of these compounds disappointed,” said Hohl. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – the American agency that is in charge of evaluating the safety and efficiency of new drugs – published a report attesting that the SARMs studied so far could cause liver and cardiovascular problems, increasing the risk of heart attacks. “It was a sign that they needed more years of development,” said Hohl.

However, as always, something got out of hand. Professional athletes started using SARMs, so much so that in 2008 the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) placed them among the banned substances. But a drug that increases muscles could only be favored by those who are eager for it and accept experimentalism: bodybuilders.

In a video posted in March this year, bodybuilder Fernando Maradona made the announcement enthusiastically. “Today, we are here to talk about a supplement that is invading the bodybuilding industry,” he said, staring at the camera with his finger raised. “That’s right: SARMs.” On social media, fans called Maradona by the nickname “American Hulk”: his tight muscles have already earned him important titles in competitions in the USA and abroad and good positions in Mr. Olympia – one of the main competitions in the medium. “The bodybuilder is like a laboratory mouse,” said Maradona. “It tests every new substance that promises to improve its performance.” Bodybuilder 20 years ago, three years ago Maradona also became a youtuber. Your videos document, of course, your training routine,

In 2010, Maradona participated in a competition in the USA when he first heard about SARMs. A friend, who owns a supplement store, decided to give him the new compost: “But at the time, I didn’t take it seriously. I thought it was a salesman chat ”. The drug was left on some shelf. About three years later, during a trip to Las Vegas, the friend redid the offer. This time, Maradona gave the substance a chance. “I was surprised,” he said. “It improved my performance, strength and resilience.”

Five years later, Maradona saw interest in SARMs exploding beyond the competitive environment. That was when he decided to record videos on the subject. He stated that his intention was not to stimulate the demand for compounds, just to clarify doubts about a topic that his fans were already discussing. “What happens is that everyone wants to have the same results as a bodybuilder,” he theorized. For him, the interest in anabolic steroids varies as the fashion. “Every time science comes up with something new, there is a boom. Today, the boom is for SARMs. ”

The Bodybuilders that Wrote Their Cobra Chems SARMs Review

Personal trainer Maurício Medeiros is 36 years old, with short hair and lightly tanned skin. On the internet, he gained notoriety by joining the cast of Fábrica de Monstros – a (quite) satirical, sometimes serious, YouTube channel created by professional bullfighter Leo Stronda. The attraction has more than 2 million subscribers. Medeiros had finished teaching a class when he received a message via WhatsApp: “Look. This is the SARM of fashion ”, he said, handing the cell phone over to the report. Troncudo, seriously, sat upright in the armchair. In the photo, there was a flask with a blue label, on which a carbon chain had been printed. “The promise is that the person loses 30 kilos a month. Imagine the risk. ”

Immersed in this universe of rings, dumbbells, bars and food supplements, Medeiros lives attentive to the inevitable buzz that accompanies the emergence of a new anabolic. “There is always someone who knows someone who uses it,” he said. By his calculations, the buzz about SARMs reached the gyms – already beyond the middle of bodybuilders – about three years ago and gained strength in the last 12 months. The perception is confirmed by Google statistics. The demand for the term “best SARM” grew by about 5,000% in the last year in the USA.

SARMs in the GYM

Gym goers looking for SARMs, even with no intention of competing, do so out of vanity. “That skinny boy, that the girls never noticed, starts to take shape,” said Medeiros. “And it is addictive. Result is addictive. ” The spread of the matter is explosive. This new wave of anabolic steroids has an instrument that was missing from previous ones: social networks. “I often say that the internet was like a Hiroshima bomb for anabolic steroids,” said Medeiros. “Today, if you want to buy this here” – he said, pointing to the bottle in the cell phone photo – “just spend half an hour on Google.”


 There are specialized channels on SARMs on YouTube. Some users narrate their experiences with anabolic steroids for weeks on end – under the watchful eye of an audience that comments and asks for tips. Whoever sees them wants to know which SARM to use to conquer the ideal body, which dosage is the most appropriate and which is the duration of the cycle – in industry jargon, the time of drug use. These are all questions to which science has yet to be answered. But for which Internet users swear to have a way out. “My hair started falling out too much, every time I ran my fingers through it,” said one guy, before pointing out the solution. “I think the issue was the dosage. Decreases.”
Cobra Chems SARMs Review From Real Users

The work of the gaucho Renan Duarte with the SARMs began at the end of January this year. “Hi, YouTube guys. Today, I start my cycle ”, he announced in a video of the 27th of that month – sunglasses on his face, bangs thrown aside. His “SARMs Project” lasted 90 days and 120 capsules of a substance called S23. The videos were recorded in the bedroom, with the camera still and with Duarte duly shirtless. “I wanted to make the videos to help those who wanted to buy. For these people to have something real to believe in, ”he said. There were 11 videos, one per week. The latter was disappointed. “The laboratories’ promise was pure marketing,” said Duarte. “The product I used did not deliver on what it promised.”

Whare do SARMs originate from?

The questionable origin of SARMs poses an additional risk. Since there is no control by any government agency, it is impossible to guarantee the contents of the bottle – and what its effects on the body are. A study published in November last year, conducted by a team at Harvard University, tested 44 products sold online as SARMs. Most failed: only 23 did, in fact, have SARM in their composition. Another 17 contained illegal substances in the mixture – including a toxic compound, whose development was abandoned by the pharmaceutical industry more than ten years ago, for causing cancer in animals. The other four had no active ingredients – they were no better than flour. “We are talking about medicines. It’s like I sell a controlled drug, like Diazepam, freely over the internet and nobody did anything ”, said Hohl, of the American Society of Endocrinology. Meanwhile, thousands risk a cracked body, just a few clicks away. “We still don’t know if these substances are safe,” said James Dalton. “The truth is that those who use them are exposed to very high risks.”