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Ostarine MK-2866 – The effect in the body

MK-2866 is said to show its effect in muscle tissue in particular, in that the active ingredient increases muscle mass after taking it, strengthens bones and ligaments, and prevents muscle breakdown. During the activation of the androgen receptor (when ingested) the protein metabolism is accelerated, which can lead to increased muscle building. In short: SARMs – especially Ostarine ( MK-2866), only work where it should work. So far this is correct, but it has not been proven that the active ingredient only has a selective anabolic effect on certain androgen receptors (preferably muscles). Taking Ostarine also means that fat metabolism can be boosted and at the same time the muscle-building can be strengthened. We do not want to go into further detail on the Ostarine dosage – experience shows that the active ingredient between 3mg and 25mg has its effect. Higher doses in the range above 30mg can lead to significant side effects!