Best Place to Buy RAD-140

 Best Place to Buy RAD-140In this blog, we discover what the effects are of RAD 140 before and after and recommend the best place to buy rad-140 SARM. RAD 140 in the research industry is considered to be the most effective SARM discovered. Its main advantage is helping to build lean muscle mass. It also has been found to have neuroprotective properties. SARM RAD 140 is in the class of androgen receptor (AR) ligands that are tissue-selective. It was designed to prevent the loss of muscle tissue in cancer patients, acute chronic diseases, as well as in the elderly. Recent studies of RAD 140 show greater muscle gain and fewer side effects than competing SARM products.


How it works – RAD 140 results

Like other SARMs, RAD 140 or Testolone acts selectively. It works by allowing it to exert its anabolic action without causing side effects, unlike anabolic androgenic steroids. These caused serious side effects including; enlargement of the prostate gland, suppression of the natural production of testosterone, hair loss, and many more. RAD140 only interacts with androgen receptors in muscle tissue and bones, without activating them in other parts of the body. This leads to a markedly anabolic effect with no side effects, which is a prerequisite for the use of RAD140 instead of testosterone in medicine in the future. Testolone is also safe for women because it does not cause virilization (appearance of male sexual characteristics) or enlargement of the clitoris.

Testosterone Comparison

RAD140 is almost as anabolic as testosterone, but without the androgenic effect. This is a great advantage as it is the androgenic effect of steroids that causes side effects. It is estimated that 40% more testosterone is needed than Testolone to achieve the same muscle growth; at the same time, as many as 60 times more testosterone should be taken to show even minimal signs of prostate enlargement. As for affinity for androgen receptors, studies show that it is about 30% higher than testosterone, which makes it almost the same as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Neuroprotective Properties RAD140 Review

It is a little known fact that testosterone and DHT have the natural property of preserving neurons and have an overall positive effect on nervous health. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, for example, occur in people with androgen deficiency. However, the use of high doses of testosterone is associated with health risks – especially in the long term – due to the manifestation of various undesirable side effects. RAD140 has the same positive effect on the brain (but without side effects), making it a successful method in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases. This may not be particularly beneficial for bodybuilding, but it is extremely important for health in general. In addition, a RAD140 dosage dramatically reduces cell death after a stroke.

Use in medicine

RAD 140 can be of great benefit to people with androgen deficiency, diseases that break down muscle tissue, and also against sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass with age). Anabolic steroids are used for the same purposes, but as we have said, they are accompanied by a number of side effects, most of which are absent in SARMs.

RAD-140 Side Effects

One of the main advantages of SARMs in general and of RAD140, in particular, is the lack of side effects that make these substances the safest possible at the moment. They do not suppress the natural formation of testosterone and, although taken orally, are not harmful to the liver. They also do not flavor, so there is no need to worry about the occurrence of estrogenic effects.

RAD Dosage and Use

In research, the recommended daily dose of Testolone is 20 – 30 mg and the optimal cycle duration is 12 – 14 weeks. It is taken orally and it is good to pour the contents directly into your mouth because if you use a wet glass, some of the content will remain in it; In case you have difficulty swallowing, you can help yourself with water or grape juice. The RAD140 has a relatively long half-life, so the whole dose can be taken once a day instead of being split between several smaller doses.


To summarize RAD-140 or Testolone has extremely strong anabolic properties. It provides a great combination for any steroid, especially the high androgen, as it prevents prostate enlargement. From all the benefits of RAD 140 – increased strength and endurance accelerated muscle mass gain and recovery – it is easy to say that Testolone is one of the best enhancing supplements available. At this point, we would like to state that the SARM RAD-140 is still classed as a research chemical. It is not for human consumption, but has shown some good results in studies to help treat various health conditions in the near future.

Best Place to Buy RAD-140

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