A Guide to GW 501516 /Cardarine Dosage

Cardarine DosageThis post about Cardarine dosage discovers how effective this SARM is at fat burning and increasing lean muscle mass. We find out how it was found and why it frequently gets into the hands of bodybuilders because of these results. However, we are not encouraging Cardarine for this use. Our Cardarine dosage post is merely to provide information about this research product and what has been discovered so far in studies! So, if you are interested read on for more details…

What is Cardarine?

First Cardarine is classed as a research SARM and known as GW 501516 and Endurobol. Cardarine is a PPAR agonist; it targets androgen receptors that stimulate glucose uptake and skeletal muscle tissues. It was originally created in the 1990s to treat and prevent tumors in the breasts, colon, and prostate. Since then more studies have found it is effective in treating metabolic disorders including diabetes and obesity.

Is Cardarine Legal?

As we mentioned earlier Cardarine caught on quickly among athletes and bodybuilders for its effective properties. These include fat burning, increased muscle and strength, and fast recovery after an injury. In addition, it was also widely known from research experts that there were no dangerous side effects.

So, it became a popular supplement for use in the world of sports to improve performance in the early 2000s. But, GW501516 was soon recognized in the 2008 summer Olympics as a Performance-enhancing drug. It was banned by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Since then it is only legal to purchase as a research chemical for study and development only. It is not for use on humans.

Where to Buy Cardarine?

At this stage you will be fully aware that Cardarine is a research chemical and is available to buy for research. If you are in this industry it is important to buy clinically tested chemicals, to guarantee the best results. SARMs Warehouse has a wide selection of research SARMs to buy.

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Cardarine Results

Although Cardarine or GW-501516 is often sold as a SARM, it is not actually a SARM. Cardarine is a PPAR receptor-like Andarine and SR9009. Both of these have a positive effect on lipoprotein metabolism and acid oxidation in the liver. Cardarine has profound effects on fat loss and stamina. It helps to lose stubborn belly and visceral fat safely and quickly. Cardarine improves the body’s ability to recover quickly and helps users achieve higher levels of performance by allowing them to train harder and longer without fatigue in the setting. It is a powerful anti-catabolic, so it helps to preserve muscle mass in the definition stage when calories are very low.

The Cardarine Transformation

Users of GW-501516 (Cardarine) have reported significant strength levels and especially improved performance in endurance exercises/sports. In particular, this benefit of added resistance helps users improve results when doing interval training or cardio.

How to take Cardarine Orally

Example: Cardarine Dosage

Optimal dose: The recommended dose for men is 10-20 mg/day, for 6-12 weeks. For women no more than 10 mg/day is recommended. The half-life of GW-501516 (Cardarine) is approximately 24 hours, so no dose splitting is necessary.

Are there any Side Effects?

A lot of studies suggest Cardarine has no side effects. Being non-hormonal there are no androgenic or estrogenic problems, there is also no suppression of endogenous testosterone production, so it is not necessary to do PCT. Cardarine is not toxic to the liver. Used in the recommended doses it is totally safe to use. More recently some reports from research suggest there is evidence of Cardarine causing serious toxicity in the body. But, it is classed as a research chemical so more tests need to be done before it can be used on the human body.

Cardarine Benefits

Research SARM Cardarine is the king of fat loss drugs of its kind. It notably improves endurance and performance, it also improves strength. This SARM is extremely versatile, it can be included in practically any cycle of SARMs and/or steroids. It can be used in a definition cycle to accelerate fat loss while maintaining maximum muscle mass. Plus it can attain muscle mass gains cleaner (leaner) and of quality, and in a cycle of body recomposition. It has no side effects so it is totally safe to use.

A Review of Cardarine Results

The benefits of Cardarine in medical studies with a Cardarine dosage have been numerous.  Continued work as found it is a strong substance that improves stamina. This is why it is evidently of interest to athletes. The energy that is experienced with Cardarine is not uncomfortable or classed as nervous. So this means it isn’t a stimulant and does not lead to anxiety, or cause a rapid heart rate. For most patients who have been tested with Cardarine, it is the opposite, a general calm and well-being feeling.

Positive Fat Loss Effects with Cardarine

More recently it is thought among the medical community that Cardarine could be the future treatment for obesity. A huge and growing problem around the globe, that causes so many health problems. Scientists know Cardarine has the capability to get rid of unwanted fatty tissue. It can produce inflammatory markers within the adipose tissues and lower the action of genes concerned with lipogenesis. This means the body can stop fatty acid chains from being made and stored as fat. The principle is Cardarine could work with the PRAR beta cells. These are accountable for using the body’s fat for energy in the equivalent way that the body would be deprived of carbohydrates. It is also thought Cardarine can increase the rate at which stored fat is changed into energy.

Summary: Cardarine Dosage

To conclude our Cardarine dosage post we know this research product has many positive advantages. From increasing muscle to fat loss there are certainly many positive benefits to this research SARM. Whilst there is more work to be done with this product, maybe one day it will be in mainstream medicine treating some of these conditions we have discussed.

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