Brief Introduction To Nonsteroidal Compounds

A newly isolated group of normally nonsteroidal compounds, including advanced anabolic-androgenic substances.

Ligands belonging to SARMs show a high selectivity in the stimulation of selected androgen receptors (ARs) that are located in the organism, whereby they concentrate on the development of only certain body structures. As full-fledged agonists of AR in muscle tissue, they accelerate regeneration and force above-average muscle growth. By sharing the same properties as the skeleton, they improve mineralization and the development of the skeletal system, helping to create a solid foundation for a rapidly growing muscular suit. Since they are unable to fully activate ARs in the prostate, they do not lead to prostatic hyperplasia and are therefore a safer alternative to androgen-anabolic steroids (AAS).

What does nonsteroidal mean?

Another advantage of SARMs is their insensitivity to metabolic catalysis in the presence of aromatase and 5α-reductase, which is reflected in their high stability, their high effectiveness and the inability to supply the number of female hormones and the 5α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT), affects.

In the recommended doses, they usually show a high level of application safety in relation to many organs and systems and do not lead to a deterioration in moods or reduced libido. However, taking into account their high ability to affect the functioning of the body, it is recommended that sensitive health indicators be monitored. Because of their properties, many of these compounds have found uses to improve the condition of the body and maintain muscle mass, with people who are not very physically active being destroyed by various factors and at the same time not being physically active.

The combination of SARMs with a carefully selected training cycle, a diet and a well-thought-out biological regeneration contribute to the impressively rapid improvement in sports results and body shape. Due to their extraordinary effectiveness, these compounds are dedicated to people with high training experience.