Liquid SARMs or Capsules – What Really Works?


When buying SARMs we will realize that there are different ways to consume them, whether in powder, in a pill, or liquid SARMs. There is a widely spoken belief in forums that liquid SARMs are more effective, but … is this true?

liquid sarms for saleAll SARMs are once created in the form of a raw powder, but when using such an extremely small dose, it is necessary to store them in a certain way to make it much easier to take so there are no differences in efficacy or potency. They are EXACTLY THE SAME.

However, there is a reason why they are sold in different formats …


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The main reason they are sold liquid is due to legal problems. In many countries like the United States or Canada, the most “legal” way to sell them is as research chemicals not suitable for human consumption.

In pill form, it would be considered for human use and therefore illegal, but the fact that the solution is suspended in alcohol does not mean that it is in a higher concentration or that it has greater bioavailability or potency. All of these are myths.


One benefit of liquid SARMs is that the way of administration is easier if you want an exact dose. If for example, they come 20mg of ostarine for each ml if you want 10mg you will have to take half an ml and so on with the rest of the doses. Although this scares people and they end up mismanaging it.

Another benefit is that it is more difficult to be fooled because it is more difficult to put a prohormone or a peptide in liquid form, although with a reliable source this should not be a problem.sarms capsules for sale

A disadvantage of these is that it degrades and its useful life is less. That is, if for example, each ml gives you 20mg after 1 or two years it still gives you 15mg (for example), which is still quite decent and I doubt that someone has had SARM without using it for so long that the liquid will degrade.


Some companies however sell SARMs in capsule form and the reason for this is because they are much more attractive to someone. You just swallow it and that’s it.

This could lead to more legal problems if in their country they are not made for human consumption, because if you are going to experiment with rats it makes no sense to sell them in pills and much less if you sell them as “with one pill a day you will gain incredible results”. It is much more suspicious this way.

Most of the products sold in the pharmacy are in pill form so it WOULD NOT make sense for them to be less potent and ineffective. The “vitamins to the pills” are not going to go away, if not, they would be sold in a liquid, injectable or another way where it would be better used.


sarms capsules for sale to buyThe route of administration in capsule format is worse; if it comes in capsule form, it is more difficult to administer varied doses. With the example from before, using 20mg of ostarine, if you are a woman, using a dose lower than 20mg could be made much more complex because you would have to open the capsule and use half of the powder contained, for example. This would be too cumbersome and complicated.

If it came in the form of a pill, it would be easier because it would only be split in half, into 4 parts, etc.

However, their useful life is much longer since they will degrade more slowly, so if you wanted to buy SARMs and keep them for a long time, this option can be interesting.

The biggest disadvantage is that it is easier to be made to pass for other substances such as a cheaper prohormone, oxandrolone, or another drug that affects you in an unwanted way. This is why making sure you have a reliable source of MRSA is extremely important.


Regardless of the way they sell it to you, they will always have the same efficacy, bioavailability, etc; because they come from a raw powder.


✥ They bring fewer legal consequences for sellers

✥ Easier to administer an exact dose (if you know how to do it)

✥ Shorter useful life

✥ Lower probability of scam with other substances

Capsules / Tablets

✥ Greater legal problems, but more attractive and with greater demand

✥ More difficult to manage exactly. Except in pill

✥ Longer service life

✥ The greater probability that what is obtained is not what is desired